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Updated: Jun 24

We need to talk about mental health daily to fight against the stigma!

Talking about mental health has been taboo for far too long, why not change that?

I don’t want our generation feeling bad that they are struggling with their mental health and don’t ask for help, because they feel embarrassed. We shouldn't feel embraced! Society has normalized going to the doctor if we need help with anything physically wrong, but we need to be learning to be okay for going for help for oneself mentally too.

While struggling with my own mental health, I always try and focus on hope, self-determination and my own responsibility with how I choose to deal with my personal health.

Easier said than done, but our minds are stronger than we think.

Communicating with our parents will help break the barrier and create a more understanding world for the present and the future.

We are the youth who have the power to change for the future and for new and bright ideas to be put into place.

Let’s create transparency and understanding for a better world surrounding mental health.

You are strong If you go for help, not weak

There is so many pressures surrounding life in general and to make it easy on ourselves we should accept and allow ourselves to have a good and bad days as they come

By reading this blog post you are already doing something to help with mental health, educating yourself.

Share with others!

Why create a community around mental health:

  1. Support - helps when you need to talk and or are dealing with a difficult situation

  2. Belonging - Identifying being part of a group as your true self and appreciated

  3. Purpose - Gives meaning to your life and help with learning what and who you want to be

While talking to Youth Voices of Ontario I had a few questions surrounding mental health and these were their responses:

1. Why is mental health important to you?

“Mental health is important as it is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s overall well-being. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and it affects how we think, feel, and act. With hormones, school, and parental pressure as obstacles in youth’s life, maintenance of one’s mental health is essential, as it contributes to one’s overall mood and day-to-day experiences.”

2. How do Youth Voices of Ontario help with mental health awareness?

“Youth Voices of Ontario is a youth-led organization passionate about spreading mental health awareness. Through our various multimedia projects, our goal is to serve as a platform for youth all across Ontario to share their experiences and talk about the challenges that they face throughout their educational career. By publicizing our projects, we hope to bring attention and start conversations between students across the province’s on this very topic, working together to spark change.”

3. Why is mental health not focused on compared to physical health?

“There is a stigma in our society which exists surrounding conversation on the topic of mental health. Thus, people are not as open in talking about it compared to their physical health. As mental health is often an invisible aspect of individuals’ well-being, their struggles and related illnesses cannot be detected at a glance and there is fear of being shamed, or ridiculed for sharing one’s struggles. As a result, less open and honest conversation occurs and accessibility on the topic of mental health decreases. Lack of education also leads to the perpetuation of stereotypes and comparative phrasing which portrays individuals with mental health challenges and/or illnesses in a negative light, only furthering the existing stigma.”

4. What can youth do in their own communities to create awareness?

“Youth can follow and partake in mental health and well-being focused organizations such as As well, discuss between friends and through social media the importance of maintaining good mental health, to promote awareness and the importance of the topic. In their personal lives, youth can look out for their peers and offer support and an open ear. Listening to their concerns and being there for them can help them through the obstacles in their lives.”

Check their website out!

Let’s create change together!

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