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Welcome to Starting the Conversation!

My name is Christine, and this is my blog, read, and stay for a while!

A Little bit about me

I have struggled with my mental health for years, and I finally decided to get help. I realized there is just not enough support and resources for youth like myself. That is when I decided I wanted to help change that!

Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, I have found that I haven't been focusing on my mental health as much. I have been finding social media and technology are generally very tough for me to be using 24/7. I am learning to have media in moderation and learning to take days off when I am not feeling okay.

I am focused on talking about the unheard-of conversations, bringing youth together into the conversation, and getting rid of the “stigma” that comes along with mental health.

Peace of Mind Canada is an organization that I have found very powerful and I want to help with their journey of creating change!

What is unique about Peace of mind Canada compared to other nonprofits?

“ Peace of mind Canada is unique because we are a youth-led organization with all of our initiatives being created and led by youth, for youth. We create an opportunity for young people to share their experiences surrounding mental health and provide a platform for youth to share their stories while inspiring others to do the same. Peace of Mind Canada demonstrates the power of conversation through all of our initiatives and is a prime example of youth being leaders of today.” - Loizza Aquino, Founder of Peace of Mind Canada

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The future is ours!