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5 Ways to Silence your Inner Critic in your Head

During my struggles with low self-esteem throughout the confusing years of puberty, I had created a monster, my own worst critic in my head; but I want to change that!

Honestly, sometimes we are kinder to others than we are to ourselves. We all need to look after our well being first, to be productive and healthy.

The feeling of trying to be "perfect" is just exhausting and creates a toxic relationship within ourselves.

I can remember being as young as twelve years old and had an assignment in class, where I had been assigned a project about what I was "good" at, and I couldn't come up with anything. My brain and inner voice just kept telling myself, "Nah, you're useless."

Effects of your inner critic include:

  • Perfectionism

  • Low self-esteem

  • Fear of trying

  • Limited thinking

  • Relationship challenges

Here are five things you can do to lessen that critic in your head telling you what to do:

  • Ask yourself, would you say this to anyone else? ( Start focusing on how you treat yourself, it will begin to reflect how you treat others. Realization is a significant first step towards change!)

  • Be aware of your negative thoughts. ( Understand how you are feeling and get to the core of where these feelings are coming from. We can't let our inner voices take over our lives )

  • Dissatisfaction to satisfaction. ( Changing how you feel and working on accepting yourself little by little, can make a difference, like having an idea and turning it into reality)

  • Meditation ( Focus on each breath we take, it helps us to get in a state of content; without using technology and sometimes it helps to repeat a constant phrase like "I am where I should be")

  • The real-life practice of loving and enjoying the things we already love but understanding why we appreciate them. (A different perspective)

Your inner critic can change into a more positive way of talking to oneself, but it takes time. It's a process, but the less you listen to your cynical inner critic, the easier it will get.

Hope you have a great week, Christine xxx

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